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Prompt Hot Tub Repairs in Edmonton

Are you missing out on relaxing in your hot tub due to leakage problems? Are you looking for hot tub repairs in Edmonton? Koko Beach Hot Tubs provides assured hot tub repair and maintenance services. We repair hot tubs of all makes and models. Our team has the equipment and expertise to fix your hot tub in no time.  


Hot tubs are unique, as they are one of the few consumer products that (mostly) run outside, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, all the while being subjected to both the hottest and coldest environments. This is why ensuring that your hot tub is of the highest quality and that regular maintenance is performed is so important to the longevity of your investment. Hot tubs create beautiful moments with your family and friends, provide unmatched relaxation, and a host of additional health benefits. They can be easily monitored and maintained, but if you aren't sure what’s going on with your hot tub, give us a call to book our service technician. We offer hot tub repairs and maintenance services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Hot Tub
Caring for your hot tub with simple, regular maintenance is the very best thing you can do to keep your spa running flawlessly. Improper water care (water chemistry) is by far the largest contributor to premature spa issues. In a chemically unbalanced environment, plastic and rubber components such as pump O-rings and jets will be impacted negatively. This can lead to a host of problems that can be time-consuming to repair. This is true for all hot tubs; if you are an owner of any brand of hot tub, you will want to maintain your hot tub in order to keep the components in great shape.

Bought a hot tub from a company that doesn't have a service technician? Here at Koko Beach Hot Tubs, we have extensive experience with spa service. Experiencing technical difficulties? Leave the job to us and save yourself a headache. Get our experienced and trained service technician to come to your location for hot tub repairs and maintenance service in Edmonton. This includes repairs and maintenance for every make and model of hot tub. Book a service call today! 


We also provide covers for hot tubs at Koko Beach Hot Tubs in Edmonton.

Outstanding service guaranteed.



Hot Tub Maintenance Guide 

To ensure the proper working of your hot tub, regular maintenance is important. Our team has compiled a small guide for proper maintenance of your hot tubs. Follow it and we are sure that your hot tubs will last a long time. Here are some DIY maintenance options, categorized based on their regularity: 


  • Weekly Maintenance Work 
    Make sure your hot tub cover is properly put in its place. Also, ensure that the hot tub is clean and dry when not in use 
    Check your water chemistry at least a couple of days a week 
    Clean your hot tub with a sponge once every week and pay special attention around the water line 
    Once a week, sanitize and shock the water in your home 
    Clean the filters at least once a week 
  • Monthly Maintenance Work 
    Clean your filters with cleaning chemicals 
    Clean the cover 
    Clean the lines and jets of your spa 
    Give the hot tub cabinet a thorough cleaning 
  • Seasonal Maintenance Work 
    Drain your hot tub completely and give it a thorough cleaning 
    Give it a chemical bath by soaking it 
    The lines can get some biofilm buildup, clean it up properly 
  • Annual Maintenance Work 
    Get all the parts of your hot tubs checked for any damages and get the necessary repairs or replacements 
    Call us for professional help !

Common Hot Tub Issues

If you run into issues with your hot tub, you should get it checked out by a technician. Neglecting the problem can lead to extensive damages and costly repairs. For reliable hot tub repair in Edmonton, get in touch with our team. Here are some common hot tub issues to look out for:

  • Dirty water: If the water in your hot tub remains dirty no matter how many times you clean it, you need professionals like us to look at it.

  • Coldwater: The inability to produce warm water indicates trouble in your hot tub's filtration or circulation system.

  • Still water: If the water in your hot tub refuses to circulate, your jet or circulation system might need repairs.

  • Odd noises: Issues with your pump and filtration or circulation systems can produce odd noises. Call a technician to inspect your pump.  

  • Leakage: If you notice water leaking from your hot tub, you should turn off the power supply and call our team for quick repairs.

  • Breaker is tripping: If the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is shutting down your hot tub automatically, it’s a sign of fault.

  • Error codes on control panel: If your hot tub has issues with the setting, the control panel will display codes such as FLO (water flow or pressure error) and COOL (water temperature is lower than recommended).

  • Poor water circulation: If the pump isn’t able to run long enough, the water will not circulate properly in the spa. You should call us for hot tub repairs immediately in such a situation.
  • Circuit board failure: If your hot tub is not maintained properly, your circuit board may burn out, which will lead to costly repairs.
  • Jets not working: Jets are one of the most important parts of a hot tub. If there’s nothing coming out of your jets, call us to clean and repair them quickly.


Pump Repair

spa pump

Hot tub motor problems? Rebuild your pump or motor at a competitive price! On almost all spa models! We repair and rebuild pumps right here at our shop in our onsite repair facility . If your motor can’t be rebuilt, we also carry NEW pumps with a good price point!


Need a replacement filter? Don't have a Coast Spa? No problem! We carry most filters in the store.

spa filters
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Don't be satisfied with a spa that's not in full working order! We can also provide maintenance for your newly purchased products. Contact us for any and all of your spa, hot tub, and sauna maintenance needs. We are a trusted team to carry out your hot tub repairs in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  

Hot Tub Repair Services

If your hot tub is malfunctioning, don’t worry! Koko Beach Hot Tubs has a professional team of technicians offering quick and reliable hot tub repairs in Edmonton. Here are a few issues you can call us to fix:

  • Leakage in the tub

  • Heating element damage

  • Malfunctioning heat pump

  • Error codes on your control panel display

  • Poor water circulation

  • Dirty filters

  • Jet damage

  • Water balancing issues

We also offer hot tub maintenance services for homeowners in Edmonton. Book our service, and we will clean your spa and make sure it works at an optimum level. We also provide top-quality, Canadian-made hot tubs to elevate your spa experience.

Hot Tub

Dealing with Hot Tub Motor Problems?


Trust us for reliable hot tub repair and maintenance services in Edmonton.

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