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Testimonials for Our Edmonton Hot Tubs & Maintenance

Nearly everyone loves a sauna or hot tub! Whether it is for indulging in moments of quiet reflection or for ensuring unforgettable parties, you have lots of uses for your home spa. With our high-quality products, knowledgeable team members and attentive, reliable service, it’s no wonder that our customers are so consistently pleased with our work. We want to make sure that, whatever your home spa needs; we’re your first call in Edmonton.

But don’t take our word for it – on this page, read reviews from some of our past clients. To hire us or buy products for yourself, contact us today.

Best Decision


“I have owned my hot tub (From Koko Beach) for 27 years. My wife and I have used it an average of twice a week throughout all that time. Suffice to say we are VERY happy with the tub! That being said, it has been part of our family for a long while, and things do break down from time to time. This is where I am REALLY IMPRESSED by their level of service. Tony has answered my call each and every time - he remembers my name and even exactly where the breaker is in the house. I don't need to wait around as I trust him completely to make the best decision of a repair and always give me the honest and fair price. It is now 1:30 PM as I write this. The pressure switch went (1st time ever by the way) last night. I called him this morning . . . It is done - fixed - and we will be back soaking tonight! If I could give him 10 stars I would - 5 doesn't seem to be enough!”

- Paul D., April 2022

Great Staff


“Great staff, great service. KoKo beach has fixed our hot tub twice and are very knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, and easy to communicate with. Well stocked products and filters for spas as well. Highly recommend!”

- A, March 2022

Highly Recommend


“I have an older hot to that my dad bought from Koko Beach many years ago. Koko Beach has provided awesome service and help for these years. I’m new to keeping an older hot tub running and Tony has been fantastic in answering my questions and providing service/products. I highly recommend Koko Beach!”

- Roger & Heather L., February 2022

They Were Fantastic


“We are new owners of our first "new to us" hotub. We live over 2 hours away from Edmonton but anyone closer to us could not look at it for over 2 weeks. We called Koko Beach because they were who the previous owners had bought the tub from and always used for servicing. From the first phone call they were fantastic. They helped over the phone and gave me great instructions for removing the pump to get it in to them (to save us the cost of a service call). We were able to get the pump out and take it into them that day. We were expecting to leave it with them and come back later in the week to pick it up. They were close to closing on a Saturday but they took a look at it right away and said they could fix it now to save us a trip back and save us from potentially freezing our tub. They stayed late on a Saturday and fixed it right away. We were super impressed with the fact that this is the first time we have called them and got such great service.”

- Philip L., December 2021

Good Work


“These guys do good work and stand behind it. The’ve got a great inventory of parts if you want to work on your own Equiptment or staff who can do it for you.”

- Robert B., December 2021

Excellent and Helpful


“This place is where to go if you want down to earth, knowledgeable, and experienced staff. Tony supported us with our purchase and all staff we encountered with Koko beach was excellent and helpful. We love our new hot tub and know where to go if we need any service, products, information, tips etc. Life time customer for sure! Thanks Tony and Koko beach!”

- MSG 305 G., October 2021

Their Prices Are the Best


“Regrettably, I didn’t buy my hot tub from Koko, but I have been buying all my supplies from them and their prices are the best! Always have what I need and offer great advice on maintaining a tub! Next tub I get will definitely be from Koko!”

- Keith F., January 2019

Best Customer Service


“Best customer service I have ever had. The owner personally helped me over the phone diagnose issues with my hot tub for over an hour till we figured out that it was a voltage problem on the circ pump. Water wasn’t heating up and kept showing 3 flashing lights - indicating a flow problem. I didn’t even buy my hot tub from Koko. I called the store after watching many YouTube videos almost ready to give up and sell my hot tub. Thanks again for saving me money and your patience.”

- Rebecca S., December 2018

Awesome Job


“Recently Hassan came out and got my hot tub going from dead and did an awesome job! Then I had to go in and get a few extra trinkets for the hot tub like head pillows and a water testing kit and I was treated like gold! Koko Beach is the best, I wouldn't go anywhere else.”

- Darryl K., October 2018

Extremely Satisfied


“Always helpful and never too busy to answer a question. I've been an extremely satisfied customer of Koko Beach since we bought our tub 10 years ago.”

- Tom B., October 2018

Very Helpful


“I needed a part for my hot tub, which is from a manufacturer they don't carry. The gentleman working was very helpful in finding me an alternative part.”

- Jason H., September 2018

Very Knowledgeable


“Our experience with Koko Beach has been a very positive one as first time hot tub owners. Tony and his staff were very knowledgeable on all the particulars and steered us in the right direction on our selection. We purchased our hot tub in August and use it almost daily. We had one issue after installation that was quickly resolved and all questions we have on maintenance are promptly responded to. We feel we are in good hands with Tony.”

- Mel H., December 2018

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable


“We bought our Coast Spa hot tub about 3 months ago from Koko Beach and have been very satisfied with both the service and the quality of our new hot tub. Tony is very helpful and knowledgeable. We would definitely buy from Koko Beach again and recommend them to anyone looking at purchasing a spa. Thanks Tony and staff!”

- Travis F., November 2018

Very Professional


“I have had Tony and his technicians work on my old hot tub twice in the last year. I found them to be very professional and reasonably priced. A 5-star company to deal with. And they followed up!!!! Many thanks to Tony and Hassan.”

- Marty M., October 2018

Friendly and Helpful


“Koko Beach is really good for hot tubs and supplies. They know their stuff and are friendly and helpful.”

- Colin D., September 2018

Wonderful to Deal With


“I have an old relic of a hot tub and the gang here is wonderful to deal with bringing it back to life. Someday, I hope I will own one of the beautiful tubs in their showroom.

- Trish H., June 2018

Excellent Service


“I have bought 3 hot tubs from Tony and the crew and continually get great service. My latest hot tub after 4 years had a circuit issue. Tony and the staff helped get my hot tub fixed within 24 hours after calling him. KoKo beach continues to offer excellent service and help. I would recommend them over any other store in Edmonton. The coast spas are great and as a family we spend a lot of evenings relaxing in our spa. Great job Tony and staff.”

- Doug M., April 2018

Awesome Service


“Called last night at 6:03; didn’t expect them to answer the phone as they closed at 6. Bleed valve sprung a leak, as I’m getting ready to fly out of town. Full-fledged panic mode. The guy who answered the phone was great. Had the part in stock and left it in a bag outside the door for me to pick up. Awesome service.”

- Todd F., December 2017

An Easy Decision


“We looked at literally every hot tub/spa dealership in Edmonton with Koko Beach being our last stop. After hearing all the other sales reps talk about the pros of their spas and then listening to what Tony had to say about north wind spas, the decision was easy. Tony was a great guy to deal with, no pressure and had confidence in his products that made it easy to feel like we were making the right decision. Once we made the purchase everything else went very, set up and a quick tutorial on how to use the spa, chemical and anything else you needed to know...this in part to his service tech (sorry I can't remember your name). We are really enjoying our hot tub!! Thank you!!”

- Debbie and Troy, September 2016

Dedicated, Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff


“Koko Beach has dedicated, experienced & knowledgeable staff and the owners are great guys. They're always there for us when we have a question or need some help or advice. Keep up the great work!”

- Sarah S., August 2016

Highly Recommended


“We bought our hot tub in March, I believe, and they had it delivered in May. We weren't quite ready with our renovations to use it but everything was explained and we were assured that if we had any problems we could call them and they would walk us through the set up step by step. To my surprise, the tub was easy to set up. I thought there would be more steps. Filling was fast, chemicals were straight forward. The kids use it all the time. We keep it only warm in the summer and the kids cannot wait to get home and jump in. I did have some questions about chemicals and recently went to pick up another filter and some filter cleaner where I found myself unloading question after question. With reassurance, validation and a sense of humor, my questions were answered perfectly. As a new hot tub owner I was like a new mother and hovered over the water quality but I have received validation and some hints that make me a pro. Great quality hot tubs, awesome friendly staff, great prices and we're trying to get my in-laws into one now. These things are so relaxing at the end of the day that my husband has to check if I'm still awake in my lounger! I'm so happy we've invested in this treat and with this company. We have a hot tub dealer by our house but I don't mind crossing the river for Koko Beach at all. I highly recommend this place.”

- Kimberly Q., July 2016

Enhanced Outdoor Experience


“We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in buying a new hot tub. We spend every night in our new tub. We have found that after work as soon as he gets home is a good time to get in (2 AM) the mosquitoes have already gone to bed so it is our time to soak in the tub. Our kids love it; all of our friends have enjoyed it. We both agree this was the best investment we have ever made. This hot tub has enhanced our outdoor experience.”

- Robin and Brian, July 2012

Exceeding Expectations


“Purchased our hot tub from Koko Beach in June 2015. We've had great customer service from the day we walked into Koko Beach. Staff has been more than accommodating and their willingness to answer questions has far exceeded our expectations. Would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a hot tub or spa product!”

- Brandy P., June 2016

Excellent Service


“I had purchased a hot tub from Tony at Koko Beach and our family has loved it. I debated on replacing it but opted for Koko Beach to come out and service a few things. (Cover, pumps, jets etc.) The hot tub was still in great shape. Their service department came out and assessed what needed to be done and a few weeks later, everything was like it was brand new. Fantastic service! Too often people complain about what went wrong and not enough pass on their thanks when everything goes great! Thank you to everyone at Koko Beach and I recommend them to everyone for not only their hot tubs, but their excellent service. Thanks Tony!”

- Jeff S., June 2016

Professional and Knowledgeable


“I bought my first hot tub ever through Koko Beach on September 2015. Thought I would wait and see how the tub did during the winter months before I wrote a review. The tub worked well and my family enjoyed having it. Tony was very professional and knowledgeable when selling me the hot tub. He delivered and set it up for me with no problems. Would I recommend Koko Beach? YES I would. Thanks Tony for directing me to buying the proper quality hot tub that would work for me and my family. Great Job!!!”

- Craig C., June 2016

Use Our Spa Every Day


“We are very satisfied with our model of spa we purchased from Koko Beach. It's not more than we need and has all the features we were looking for. Tony and his team made the delivery and positioning of the spa very smooth and easy. Honestly we have had the spa for almost 2 weeks now and we have used it every day, sometimes twice a day. Thanks Koko Beach.”

- Preston K., June 2016

25 Years of Great Service


“My wife Karen and I purchased our hot tub from Koko Beach in Dec 2015 as a Christmas present to ourselves :) This was our third tub bought from KoKo Beach. Our first one was purchased from these guys back in 1991! They have been around forever. We are very very happy with our brand new hot tub! We use it almost every night if we can. This is our first tub with LED lights...We really love those! KoKo Beach has an excellent service department. They have always been able to help us whether it’s over the phone or having a service person come out. Any warranty issues have always been a breeze and they know their product! First and last hot tub company we will deal with. Highly recommended.”

- Trent S., March 2016

Very Satisfied


“Tony from Koko Beach spas helped facilitate us in purchasing a hot tub through him. Tony was very helpful and understood our apprehension in trusting him after what we had been through. But he was professional in the whole deal. Tony went above and beyond to make sure we stayed informed and updated as to what was happening in our order process. When the delivery day came, he and three other guys showed up to put the hot tub in my yard. Then Tony and one of his techs stayed and filled and set up our tub. They made sure everything was running and looked good. I am so happy that I dealt with him. I can't express how satisfied with Koko Beach we are. Again thanks Tony, and you great staff.”

Kevin B., March 2016

Prompt Repairs


“Just had my first service issue with my tub, and Koko Beach did a great job making it right. I have warranty on the parts which was nice, they sent a technician out promptly, who changed the circuit-board in my tub as the heat was very irregular and that solved the problem first attempt. I paid $85 for the service call. It was the first visit and they were prompt about the repair and overall I'm very happy with the way that it was handled. Thanks guys!”

- Lucas S., January 2016

A Business with Integrity


“Luckily, we got to KOKO Beach and we ended up buying our Hot Tub from there. Tony is a gentleman who stands by his word. He delivered us the hot tub as scheduled on time and we've never had any issue with them. I'd also like to give a thumbs-up to the very nice Klint who assisted us at KOKO Beach and found us the right hot tub for our family. Integrity is key for a business to survive. Thank you KOKO Beach!!!”

- N49 user Lucky, November 2015

Enhanced Outdoor Experience


“We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in buying a new hot tub. We spend every night in our new tub. We have found that after work as soon as he gets home is a good time to get in (2 am) the mosquitos have already gone to bed so it is our time to soak in the tub .Our kids love it, all of our friends have enjoyed it. We both agree this was the best investment we have ever made. This hot tub has enhanced our outdoor experience.”

- Robin and Brian, July 2012

Easygoing Atmosphere and Helpful Information


“We just wanted to send a THANKS!!! When we started looking for a hot tub I was hesitant at first, but after stopping in at your store with the easygoing atmosphere and helpful information it made the choice easy. I can't believe in less than a week we went from just thinking about it to relaxing in our new tub. Every time we had any questions the staff at KoKo beach were more than helpful, and I recommend you to everyone who asks where we purchased our hot tub. I don't think we have missed a day soaking for a few minutes since it was filled with's just what our backyard was missing. Thanks Again!!!”

- The McNaughton Family, June 2012

Great to Deal With 


“Recently purchased a hot tub from Tony at Koko Beach. Being new to owning a hot tub I set out to visit 4 local hot tub dealers in the Edmonton Area to get the facts, and the best deal. Koko Beach was the first on my list. After meeting Tony and checking out his selection of tubs, and the reasonable prices I never made it to the other 3 locations! From start to finish Tony and his team were great to deal with!”

- Jessica & Jason, January 2018

Very Happy


John and I are very happy with our new hot tub, I would just like to say that from the time of delivery to any follow up questions that we have had, their customer service and knowledge has been awesome!!

- Sandy and John, October 2017

Loyalty Discounts


“We purchased our hot tub three years ago and love it as much today as the day it was delivered. It is one of the best therapeutic investments we have made. It is easy to maintain, even though we are in it 5-6 days a week. The total cost of ownership, including electricity, chemicals and water is less that what I spend on Starbuck each month. The parts and sales staff are always friendly and helpful, and I love the loyalty discount we get on parts too!”

- Denise M., August 2016

So Accommodating and Affordable


“Me and my wife purchased our very first hot tub in Koko Beach for an affordable price! The staff was so accommodating to us, from facilitating to delivery. And we're enjoying it for a month now. Thanks, Koko Beach!”

- Jon F., July 2016

Helpful on Custom Order


“Just had my Northwind NWZ 6 man hot tub installed. Custom order to store. The delivery and install crew were very pleasant to deal with and knowledgeable on their product. Store parts dept was helpful on accessories needed and chemical use questions. My Family is enjoying our new purchase. Stop in and see Clinton or Tony if you’re looking for a great tub. Thanks KoKo beach.”

- Mike S., July 2016

We Love Our Hot Tub!


“It has now been over a month since we have had our hot tub installed, and we have to say, WE LOVE IT! We cannot express our gratitude for all of you at KOKO Beach. From the moment we walked into the showroom we felt welcome. The staff was great, and we were really impressed with Clint and his knowledge of all the systems and his helpfulness in aiding us in choosing the best one suited to us! No made this experience painless! And the best part has been that the post installation support has been amazing!! We have already and continue to recommend you to all our family, friends and colleagues. Thank you, THANK you... THANK YOU!!!! We have waited a very long time to make this purchase, and this hot tub was well worth the wait!! Keep up the GREAT work KOKO Beach!!”

- The Post Family, March 2012

Our Nephews Love to Visit


“We love our new spa! I can't decide if I prefer to sit where the neck jets can do their magic or just relax in the full length lounger. Our nephews come to visit more often now-is it us or our new spa? Thanks, KOKO Beach for a very fine product which we'll enjoy for many years.”

- The Trefry Family, February 2012

Preventing Sore Muscles


“We are thoroughly enjoying our new hot tub. The whole family has spent numerous hours of relaxing enjoyment this past summer, even through the hot weather! Our granddaughter has developed a love of water at the tender age of 10 months. We keep the hot tub cooler when she comes over so she can enjoy a little soak! The multitude of jets has kept many sore muscles from developing after some major yard work. It is our reward after we are done our work. Thank you for your great service and I know we will continue to enjoy our hot tub for many years to come.”

- Tracy and Colette, November 2011

Every Day Feels like a Vacation


“We have enjoyed our hot tub every day since it was installed in early July. I think out of all of us, our son, Nathaniel who is 5 uses it most! He likes a soak after a hard day at grade one. Can and I enjoy soaking in the tub at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. I was never a "jets" fan but now I really like the hydrotherapy pulsating jets on my back. We have grown to appreciate the cool dark skies at night too. With our busy schedules, who really takes time to notice the stars and moon at night? Life has slowed down a bit since we've gotten our tub, and every day seems a little more like a vacation.”

- The McCallum Family, November 2011

We Use Our Hot Tub Year Round


“This is our second hot tub from KOKO Beach, our first lasted 18 years and we decided to get a new one. What impressed me about the KOKO Hot Tubs was their help. I am what my wife calls a "handy" type of person that does my own maintenance around our acreage including the hot tub. I have come across companies that frown on customers doing their own maintenance since it takes away work from their service people. But if I had to get a replacement part from KOKO Beach, the service people were helpful, always had suggestions to make things easier to do my own work, parts were priced great, they were just a good company to deal with. Our new hot tub has the flashing LED lights which my wife calls "disco lights" and she loves it. Also our new hot tub has the cover lift which we did not have with our old hot tub and found that it makes it much easier to move the cover on and off. The hot tub is one step from our patio door so even in the middle of winter it just takes one step in the snow to get into our hot tub so we use it just about everyday year round. KOKO Beach, to me, has a well-insulated hot tub for our cold climates, good prices and helpful people so I am sticking with them.”

- Alan, November 2011

Less Back and Shoulder Pain


“We would like to thank the guys at KoKo Beach for the attention we received in the purchase of our new hot tub. The tub is having the exact results we were hoping for, less pain in my shoulders and back. From the very beginning Clinton has been a great help answering all of our questions in the store to the many chemical questions I have had over the phone.”

- Todd and Lea-Ann, November 2011

A Pleasure Working with Koko


“It has been a pleasure working with you. We special ordered our tub and we were pleasantly surprised to learn our tub arrived before the quoted special order time was up. The delivery arrangements were just as described with a special touch one owner came out with the delivery people. As business owners ourselves it is nice to see a hands-on company. It made us feeling like this company really cares. After delivery we have enjoyed the spa from everyday relaxing to entertaining. Thank you again and I would recommend this company to everyone.”

- Mike, Carla, Mikala, November 2011

Soothing Sore Muscles


“Hi Tony, So far we really LOVE our hot tub. The kids use it every weekend as their own personal swimming pool. Dave and I love relaxing in it and soothing our sore muscles and the end of a long day. We are very happy with our purchase so far.”

- Trudi, November 2011

No Pressure, No Nonsense


“We are really enjoying our new hot tub. Thanks for the great service. We chose you because of the no-nonsense approach you have. We didn't feel pressured like we felt at other stores. You gave us the information we were looking for and was very helpful. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.”

- Henry and Heather, October 2011

The Best Price, No Question!


“We went to every single hot tub place in Edmonton looking for a hot tub, and ended up at KOKO Beach last. I wish we would have come to KOKO Beach first, to save us all the time driving around and getting the run around! And I wish we would have come to KOKO BEACH to begin with, because only KOKO BEACH had the size of hot tub we were looking for! No place in Edmonton had the size, or the kind we wanted. We were very pleased with the outstanding customer service, and no pressure sales tactics. Our customer service representative Clinton, was very friendly, helpful, and very informative. KOKO BEACH had the best price no question about it (we checked everywhere), We couldn't believe the excellent deal we got! Our tub is so beautiful! We are so very pleased with our new hot tub, we just love it. KOKO BEACH is definitely the place to buy a hot tub! Thank-you KOKO BEACH for everything!!!!”

- Denise and Ronnie, October 2011

Exactly What We Were Looking For


“We had a round portable hot tub for 3-4 years before it wore out. We then looked around for a similar one in size and concept and found what we were looking for at KOKO Beach. We purchased your round hot tub and are extremely pleased with it. It fits exactly into the space we had. It looks like one of the early style hot tubs yet has the luxury of an acrylic interior, molded seats and lots of jets. We also got the ozonator which is great as well as the LED lights which add a surreal quality to our hot tub experience. And it was all on sale! Thanks so much. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and the service provided.”

- Lorne, October 2011

Knowledgeable Staff, Impressive Value


“My wife and I spent a few weeks looking at all the various companies in Edmonton and ended up with a Coast Spa from Koko Beach. The staff is very knowledgeable and we were very impressed with the product and overall value. We would highly recommend this company to anyone considering the purchase of a hot tub!”

- N49 user nipsyr007, September 2011

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