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Quality Canadian Made Hot Tubs in Edmonton

Are you looking for the ultimate hot tub experience? Look no further. Our spa models are the ultimate value, craftsmanship, innovation and quality. Strongest shells, powerful and efficient pumps. The absolute best filtration system. Explore our big hot tub selection with a unique combination of styles and features. Beautiful, comfortable and easier to maintain than ever. You deserve the best quality, and we’ve got it in our ISO-certified hot tubs in Edmonton. Not only do we love the Coast Spas brand but so do our customers and that’s why we have been carrying the brand for over 18 years.

Are you planning a romantic date night? A fun night of drinks with friends? Or do you simply need a quiet place to relax and unwind after the worries of the day? For all of these occasions and more, nothing beats the comfort and privacy of a hot tub in your home. At Koko Beach Hot Tubs, we provide clients in Edmonton with quality hot tubs from one of the most reputable brands.


Hot Tubs That Meet Every Need! 


We carry different sizes and styles, depending on your individual needs and the space available. We have cozy tubs that are perfect for you and a partner or larger tubs that will be the centrepiece of your backyard party. For modern designs with flashy modern lighting, rustic styles with wood panelling and even infinity edge-style luxury tubs, we sell products that look great and function beautifully.

Hot Tub Models We Carry



A classic look with handmade-quality craftsmanship.



A modern style that features a curved back and a continuous waterfall.



This is the only portable tub to feature a vanishing edge.

Unwind in a Hot Tub

Here are some benefits that will give you more reason to install a hot tub:  

  • Reduce stress : This is perhaps the most popular benefit of hot tubs and is considered to be one of the main reasons why people buy them. The massaging effect, combined with the warm water, can make you feel relaxed and help you get rid of stress. Add music and aromatherapy to it, and you will have the most amazing time. 
  • Alleviate body pain and headaches:Warm water helps your muscles and joints relax, loosen up, and ease your muscle and joint pain. Also, warm water makes the blood flow better, which can help with a number of health issues. 
  • Lower blood pressure:The water in hot tubs is warm, and it is a scientific fact that warm water can widen the blood vessels. This results in lower blood pressure and a feeling of relaxation. It can be great to relax in a hot tub after an intense workout session at the gym. 
  • Help you can get better sleep:If you are having trouble getting a peaceful sleep, the passive heating of the body in a bathtub can have great benefits for you and your sleep. 

Hot tubs not only reduce your stress but also improve your overall health. Enjoy the benefits by installing one today!  

Used and Refurbished Hot Tubs at Great Prices

For those looking to save money while still getting the ultimate in comfort, we carry used and refurbished models. We also offer weekly specials. Jets, steps, lights – we’ve got it all! We’ll also come to your Edmonton property to install your newly purchased tub.

We also carry accessories like covers, chemicals and more. If your hot tub malfunctions, we offer prompt and efficient repairs and maintenance for all makes and models. We want you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your hot tub with no downtime! Whatever your hot tub needs in Edmonton contact Koko Beach Hot Tubs today. We also supply hot tub covers.


Contact Us Today

If you are on the market for a new or used hot tub, you can count on Koko Beach Hot Tubs to find everything in our showroom. Experience spa-like luxury right at home today! Call us at 780-435-3380 for more details.

Made in Canada
Hot tub

Professional Hot Tub Maintenance


Contact Koko Beach Hot Tubs to keep your hot tub in good condition.


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