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Luxury Canadian Made Swim Spa in Edmonton

If you're looking for the best swim spas in Edmonton, look no further than Koko Beach Hot Tubs. Whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to jump-start a new, healthier lifestyle, swim spas are a fun and exciting way to help you stay happy and healthy. Stop by or call Koko Beach Hot Tubs today to learn more about the benefits of swim spas and pick your model today. We’ll be happy to help you with your requirements and help your lifestyle change to a healthy and comfortable one with our swim spas.  

High-quality Swim Spas 

Koko Beach Hot Tubs provides a range of swim spas from Coast Spas®, an ISO-certified company that maintains the highest internationally recognized quality for manufacturing. Here are a few features that you would find in the swim spas from Coast Spas®

Powerful swim resistance jets

Full swim and exercise areas

Row bars and exercise bands

Swim tether connection point

Owens Corning® fiberglass shell with 1 1/4" steel reinforcement

Trillium stainless steel massage jets

Structural foam insulation or partial

Quick access gate valves

Formed equipment enclosure

Super-sealed™ barb and clamp plumbing

Recessed thread-in Jet-pockets™

Anti-slip textured floor

Programmable filtration

Luxurious headrests

Beverage holders


Need a swim spa in Edmonton? Please give us a call and tell us about your requirements. 

Swim Spa Collection from Coast Spas®

Designed to give you the benefits of hot water, exercising, and swimming in one convenient package, swim spas are the perfect choice to improve your well-being at home. Koko Beach Hot Tubs features the Pool, Play, Performance, Wellness Spa®, and Wellness Spa®X Series from Coast Spas®. Some of the models are:

1400 Infinity Edge


What Sets Our Swim Spas Apart

As a recognized leader in providing some of the innovative and functional swim spas, Coast Spas®’ swim spas have some exceptional features mentioned below:

Vanishing Edge Swim Spa

This feature is available only in portable full-size swim spas of the Wellness Infinity or Wellness Infinity Ultra models. The vanishing edge or infinity edge gives you a feel of swimming towards a vanishing wall instead of a wall. You also get to enjoy breathtaking sceneries.

Ultimate Swim Resistance Jets
The swim spa river jets are powered by a 4 HP (6BHP) Hyper Flow Jet Pump. You can choose to have up to 3 River Jets powered by a total of 12 HP (18 BHP) on Coast Spa’s Performance Plus Swim Spa Package, depending on the model you choose.

Each river jet is lit to safely guide you towards the direction you need to swim in. The direction of the water flow can also be adjusted to suit your swimming style. 

Hot Tub
swim spa

Buoyancy-simulating Levitator Jets

The swim spas come with buoyancy-simulating levitator jets that recreate the natural buoyancy that you would find in open water.

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System
Coast Spas®’ swim spas come with a 175 square feet filter. In North America, it is mandatory for any commercial institution to have a closed pressurized filtration system in any public pool or hot tub. Coast Spas® developed the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®, which is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system. This filtration system is not only more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system, but it also helps get rid of the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area.

One of the Most Durable Shells
Coast Spas® has collaborated with Owens Corning® to provide the toughest hot tub shells available. In a Coast Spas® hot tub, the acrylic shell has several layers of fiberglass that are compressed together to make a toughened shell. Steel angle iron is then put onto those compressed layers for added support in specific structural areas.

Up to 12 layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are added to an average-sized Coast Spas®’ model and compressed again, by hand, for complete shell support.

Efficient Jet Pumps

From the Monster Flow 7HP pump to the 1.5HP Smart Flow pump, the jet pumps are designed to expel the maximum allowable pressure to the specially designed Luxury Trillium Massage Jets. The highly efficient pumps run on an ultra-low voltage (1.2 Amps for 5HP Super Flow Pumps) during the filtration cycle and at one-third the RPM (3450 high / 1150 low). Built for efficiency, the jet pumps by Coast Spas® consume about as much power as your backyard aquarium pump.

Synthetic Cabinets for Your Hot Tub
Coast Spas®provides attractive 9" wide sturdy synthetic cabinets that are available with their exclusive Lit Carbon Fiber protective corners. These corners light up at night, automatically triggered by the light sensor. Each synthetic panel is lined with a thick layer of dense foam which has a heat reflective foil that helps prevent heat loss and saves energy.


Get a swim spa for your Edmonton house and look forward to unwinding after a long day at work.


We also supply hot tubs and saunas for your home spa.


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What to Do with Your Swim Spa? 

A swim spa is very versatile and can be used for a lot of purposes like relaxing and even working out. When you buy one for your home, you get to: 


When you relax in one of our swim spas, you will be able to feel your pain and stress is eased. It can be a great way to relax during weekends after a busy week. 



These spas are large enough for you to swim. You can jump right in and swim for a bit to enjoy and even get a light workout.  



With a swim spa in your home, you can kickstart your journey towards healthy living and staying fit by doing some water-based exercises. The warm water in spas also helps in relaxing joints and muscles as you work out. 



Playing in a pool full of water is always fun, irrespective of your age. Call your friends and enjoy a day with them in your pool. Your kids will also love you for getting them a spa pool as they will have so much fun.  


The Health Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa in Edmonton

Investing in a swim spa for your Edmonton home isn't just about leisure—it’s a step toward improved health and wellness. Here are some significant health benefits associated with owning a swim spa:

  • Low-Impact Exercise: Swim spas provide a fantastic environment for low-impact exercises. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints and muscles, making it an ideal environment for those with joint pain or injuries. Engaging in water-based workouts, such as swimming or aquatic aerobics, can enhance cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility without the strain often associated with traditional exercises.

  • Stress Relief: A swim spa offers a therapeutic retreat to alleviate stress and tension. The combination of warm water and hydrotherapy jets can help relax muscles, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of tranquility. Enjoying a soak after a hectic day can be an excellent way to unwind and recharge.

  • Improved Sleep Quality: Regular use of a swim spa can contribute to better sleep patterns. Soaking in warm water before bedtime can relax the body and mind, facilitating a more restful sleep. The combination of hydrotherapy and relaxation in a swim spa aids in reducing insomnia and promoting overall sleep quality.

  • Rehabilitation and Recovery: Swim spas are beneficial for individuals undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation. The controlled water environment allows for gentle movements and exercises that aid in injury recovery, muscle rehabilitation, and improving mobility. The hydrostatic pressure of water can also reduce swelling and promote healing.

  • Family Recreation and Bonding: A swim spa provides an ideal setting for family recreation and bonding. It's a space where all family members, regardless of age, can engage in enjoyable activities. Whether it’s swimming, playing, or relaxing together, a swim spa fosters quality family time and creates lasting memories.

  • Cardiovascular Health: Regular aquatic workouts in a swim spa can improve cardiovascular health. Swimming or performing water-based exercises stimulates the heart rate, enhances circulation, and boosts overall cardiovascular fitness.

By incorporating a swim spa into your Edmonton home, you're not just investing in luxury; you're investing in your family's health and well-being. The versatility of a swim spa offers numerous health advantages, making it a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

Maintenance Tips for Ensuring Longevity and Performance of Your Swim Spa

Maintaining your swim spa in optimal condition is crucial to ensure its longevity and performance. Here are essential maintenance tips to preserve your investment:

  • Regular Cleaning: Routinely clean the swim spa’s surface, waterline, and filters to prevent the buildup of debris, dirt, and algae. Use gentle, spa-friendly cleaners to avoid damaging the shell or affecting water chemistry.

  • Water Quality Checks: Regularly test the water's pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to maintain balanced and clean water. Adjust chemicals as necessary to prevent water-related issues and ensure user safety.

  • Filter Maintenance: Clean or replace the filters as per the manufacturer's instructions. Dirty or clogged filters can impede water circulation and affect the swim spa's performance.

  • Cover Care: Keep the swim spa cover clean and free from debris. Ensure it is securely fastened when not in use to prevent heat loss and protect the water from external elements.

  • Professional Servicing: Schedule routine servicing and inspections by professionals to check for potential issues, ensure proper functionality, and conduct any necessary repairs or adjustments.

  • Winter Precautions: In Edmonton's colder months, take precautions to protect your swim spa from freezing temperatures. Winterize the spa by draining water, protecting pipes, and properly securing the cover to prevent damage.

Adhering to a consistent maintenance routine ensures the longevity, performance, and enjoyment of your swim spa for years to come. Regular care and attention will preserve its functionality and keep it in optimal condition for your continued enjoyment and relaxation.


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